Sunday, January 17, 2010

Taylor Swift is Insane.

TOTALLY not E-wrestling related....but fun nonetheless.

So I watching YouTube and surfing the web, and here go I see a slew of Taylor Swift shit. First off, the girl can not sing, I have seen her in concert when I took my girlfriend, I wish I had a hand gun to put me out of my misery as I stood there. She enjoyed it, good, I HATED IT. (If you are reading this baby, I HATED IT!)

Now, moving forwarded, she can't play guitar she is tone deaf and redundant, not to mention psychotic.

Yes I said it, PSYCHOTIC.

I took a song, apparently my girlfriends all time "fav" "Picture to Burn". I have picked this bitch apart. Enjoy.

“State the obvious,
I didn’t get my perfect fantasy”

Really? So the world obviously in some shape way or form needed to revolve around you? So because YOU, Taylor, did not get what YOU wanted then that is the obvious state of mind.

“I realized you love yourself
More that you could ever love me
So go and tell your friends
That I’m obsessive and crazy,”

Isn’t one person supposed to love themselves before another for self preservation of sanity? Also, apparently you ARE obsessive, only a truly obsessive person would continue to state the past , not letting it go.

“That’s fine
I’ll tell mine
You’re gay,
And by the way,”

A direct hatred for homosexuals? So apparently if someone doesn’t like you Taylor they are have to be “gay”. Or maybe it’s the fact you just weren’t made to be with him, maybe your little fantasy world isn’t subject to this thing called FATE. No, that would be too easy, rather, lets bash the gays! He must be gay!

“I hate that stupid old pickup truck,
You never let me drive”

What?! Why do you hate the pick up truck. Apparently you LIKED it because you stated you WANTED TO DRIVE IT. If you utterly HATED the truck you wouldn’t even want to DRIVE IT. My mother HATES my mustang, she REFUSES to drive it.

“You’re a redneck, heartbreak”

Apparently all rednecks break hearts the same?

“Who’s really been a lie
So watch me strike a match
On all my wasted time
As far as I’m concerned,
You’re just another picture to burn.”

Yes, lets burn things, nothing shows more of a hatred than burning items. Hitler burned Jews and Books, Taylor Swift burns pictures. Normal people, following a break up discard of photos using a method we call garbage disposal. That’s what NORMAL SANE people do, not people suffering from a case of sheer rage. The girl belongs in He Flew Over The CucKoos Nest not on stage singing.

“There’s no time for tears
I’m just sitting here planning my revenge
There’s nothing stopping me”

ENOUGH SAID, planning a revenge? And you wanted to convince us you weren’t obsessed?

“From going out with all of your best friends”

So now you are a whore….

“And if you come around saying’ sorry to me
My daddy’s going to show you how sorry you’ll be”

And your father is going to do what?

“And if you’re missing me
You better keep it to yourself
‘Cause coming back around here
Would be bad for your health”

Another threat of life and threatening to hurt a person, so first she is demonstrating her rage by burning a photo, the equivalent if I stabbed my ex’s photos to confetti, that is a sign of pure unfiltered RAGE. A rage that shows she wants to commit violence over a simple break up…pathetic.

“Burn, burn, burn, baby burn.
Just another picture to burn
Baby burn”

Really? Is the point proven? The bitch is crazy.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

DIrty Martini?

Fact: Dirty Gin Martinis rule.

So last night, I am hanging out with my best friend Migz after bowling, we went to this Hookah Bar on Harlem Ave. in Chicago, where I reside. Anyways, we go there and smoking our Sour Apple Hookah I bring up e-wrestling, now he is a fan of writing and reading so I decided to show him SWIFT results from Retaliation 3.

He actually loved reading it, he is a big martial arts fan like I am so to him it was ingenious he felt like he was in the fight. A few dirty martinis later, we are talking about how to improve the fed how I should write this in and that in.

A good talk around from an outsider that isn’t into the Rping world.

Red bull and Grey Goose is delicious as well, we had some of those. But besides me getting drunk to annihilation last night I still woke up bright and early to start things in SWIFT back up.

I took Strawsma and Katz words to heart and a few IMs from Sean Edmunds and Paul Miller telling me to press forward.

What the hell, why not.

Dirty Martini anyone?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Goodbye SWIFT

In roughly four years of role playing I have always played with the idea to run my own e-federation. It has always seemed like something I would love to do, to give the FW community something they would enjoy to read and take pleasure of being a part of.

Well, I had my opportunity to run my very first e-fed with SWIFT: MMA. And trust me, it was more of a pain in the ass than anything. I loved writing the matches, I love MMA, I am an MMA fanatic, so to share my passion with the sport with others through role playing and writing shows was an idea that sprang on me one day when talking with Paul Miller.

Actually, the original idea for SWIFT: MMA was that it would be a partner of WFW and become Worlds Finest Fighting. But when things pressed on I decided to attempt and venture in the world of fed heading.

Well, I loved every second of it, I mean my dream of having a fed was right next to everything else on my checklist:
1. Board on the famous FW community boards…Check!
2. Write a show and be a fed head…Check!
3. Get bunch of role players in my fed….Fail.

It seems as much as I recruited, and I did a shit load of recruiting I had to do endless recruiting of just surfing the net, getting AIM screen names, doing cold instant messages, mass emails, forum board posts, I even posted on advertising this and multiple MMA forums.

Three guys…

Not including Paul Miller, who was obligated to join.

Made a website, toiled with flash and making a flash intro to spice up stuff, make the fed seem more professional, got a basic website, even had Chad go and make boards and Brunk help moderate them with deleted threads.

Through it all…six RPers….only four of them role play…

It’s like dealing with the blind and trying to lead. I have so much energy and love for mixed martial arts but I suppose the FW Community doesn’t share that passion, but don’t get me wrong half the guys are honestly just too busy to even be bothered with another league.

Most of the guys are already in four to five leagues then add in a sixth and you are asking way too much. Most just hate MMA, find it boring, don’t know how one can find two people trying to break the others arm or knock them out boring, but the do.

Where is this all going?

Simple. I am tossing in the white flag, three shows, three RPers sadly, no substantial growth worth me losing sleep over or dedicating hours to.

So to all who have given effort in SWIFT and who have roleplayed and believed that this can go somewhere.

Soon, Mr. Brunk will be moving SWIFT into the FW Archives, but I am happy with that, I am happy that I had something that will be in the folders with GCW and others. FW’s first MMA trial run, flopped.

Maybe, sometime in the future, I will try it again, or I will try a wrestling federation, or something way off the wall. But until then, SWIFT is cancelled.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

But seriously, why bother?

So, after seeing the success of such blogs like Billie's Moneyshot and Brunk's Fed head blog, I decided to join the run of blogs. I know, I'm more of a subtle unheard voice in FW I consider myself more of a rogue, not part of the FW "clique".

In fact, I only talk to a respected few in FW in passing. But that's besides the point. I'm not popular in FW and I sure as hell am not the greatest RPer. In fact, I know I'm not.

I'm not the greatest writer, except when I write my girlfrend's term papers for her. That's out of pure offering I'm not forced to.

Nonetheless I consider myself a radical thinker. I think I'm the outsider looking in at the FW community. That's a plus for me.
It comes with negatives but I honestly don't give two fucks.

But that's just me, I guess it all starts to why I got into this hobby. Well simple, I USE to like professional wrestling. I liked it enough to search in Yahoo (this is back in the year 1999). And I found an efed on MSN groups.

First character was called Psycho and his best mic spot was "I'm goin 2 win this match". Yeah, good job John.

Nonetheless, more serches, more shitty RPing and I found Empire Pro. Thanks Brunk, you allowed me the chance to shitty RP in the Empire.

Anyways, then I amatuer wrestle do all too good in that. Then I wanted to join the Army, so I did. Plus I made Paul Miller send me results of FW Feds via snail mail.

Yes, I have no life.

Then I wanted to be a professional wrestling, since that day of signing my first Indy contract I hated professional wrestling. That's for later blogs.

Whatever, there's my first blog, my brief introduction. Joy.

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